Andres Soliz Rada resignation as minister for hydrocarbons and energy

La Paz, September 15, 2006
Mr Evo Morales Ayma
President of the Republic

Ref.: irrevocable resignation

Your Excellency Mr. President,

Last May 17, I notified to you the urgency with which I had to remove myself from the cabinet for personal reasons. In that opportunity, at your request and that of Mr Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, I accepted remaining in the position of Minster for Hydrocarbons and Energy for an additional time. I consider that this time has been completed, the reason for which I am presenting to you my irrevocable resignation.

I take use of this opportunity to put on record the patriotism with which you have lead this country, the reason why I feel thankful for allowing me the opportunity to accompany you in the historic nationalisation of gas and petrolem, last May 1

This is a moment to recall that the nationalization pushed forward, in a decisive way, the process of recuperation of the dignity and self esteem of our people that the neoliberal and racist policies had attempted to squash in a definitive manner. Thanks to the nationalization, the country has recuperated around $200,000 million in gas and petroleum reserves, whose value the petroleum companies tried to note down in the stock exchange as if it was theirs.

Even though we were not able to including in the May decree the expropriation of the necessary shares from Chaco, Andina and Transredes, so that YPFB could immediately control 50% + 1 of the shares of these companies, we achieved, at least, that the state company be represented, although as a minority, for now, in their board of directors, after transferring the shares, which were under the control of the AFPs, to YPFB.

The Ministerial Resolution 202/2006 from last August 25, obliged Petrobras, Andina and Repsol to pay $32 million monthly, complying with article four of the nationalization decree, which talks of the additional 32% taxes for participation in the mega fields of Sabalo and San Alberto. Due to this, YPFB has collected $64 million and we can count on a further $96 million in the next months.

As the Nationalisation Decree allows for, the Ministry organized, with total transparency, the auditing of petroleum companies that operate in this country, the results of which will allow YPFB to sign new contracts in advantageous conditions.

In the agreement to sell gas to Argentina, we achieved a commitment from the neigbhour country to construct, with a preferential credit loan, a separation and liquification plant, whose property will be in the hands of Bolivia, in Yacuiba, that will have to process the totality of gas sold to the neighbour country, and which will become functional at the moment of expansion of the pertinent volumes of exportation. Now Bolivia must authorize Argentina’s future exportations of gas to third countries

The Ministry has finished the first draft of the law of integral reorganization of YPFB, which in the next few days will be sent to the Congress of the republic. The National Energetic Balance, which has stopped being elaborated since 1996, is also almost at the point of completion. We have also obtained the designation of the directory of the state oil entity, that should lead the company.

Nothing of what I have mentioned would have been possible to achieve without the heroic struggle of our people and the social movements which on October 17, 2003, changed our history, by expelling the principal neoliberal politicians that caused so much damage to Bolivia, and which were squashed by your electoral victory last December 18.

At this opportunity, I would like to pass on my extensive gratefulness to Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, the men and women that make up your cabinet, as well as the leaders and parliamentarians that back the revolutionary process, of whose devotion and sacrifice I have been witness to.

Finally, I would like to manifest my gratitude to the loyal people that worked with me in the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, who’s dedication and friendship I counted on at all times.

Please receive, companero and brother President, my fraternal hug

Andrés Soliz Rada

Translated from Bolivian Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy website

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