European Imperialism attacks Morales government, openly backs Santa Cruz opposition

El Deber, October 9

“You have our entire support and solidarity” expressed Alejo Vidal-Quadras, vice president of the European Parliament, after speaking with the president of the Santa Cruz civic committee, German Antelo, for 45 minutes.

At the same time, he committed himself to promptly organising a meeting so that their position of defence of the state of law, the constitution and the laws which defend the departments that voted yes to departmental autonomy be known official by this legislative body.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras asked for information about the political and social situation in Bolivia. “It is disastrous that there have been so many deaths in the term of a constitutional president” he expressed, before directing his questions to the specific issue of the Constituent Assembly and the intention of the governing party to not respect the law of convocation from which it came from.

The Catalan parliamentarian manifested that there are worries in Spanish political circles about the contradictory news that are been heard at the international level about the government’s term.

He sustained that Spain is one of the principal investors in Bolivia and the establishment not only in the Iberian peninsular, but also Europe are watching intently what is occurring in the country.

His commentaries coincided with those expressed by the commissar of the European Commmunity, Benita Ferrero, who in the Biarritz Forum signalled that Bolivian democracy “is very fragile”, because the institutions are not respected.

“For us your words are very important because we need international organisations to pronounce themselves in defence of democracy in Bolivia” said Antelo, when he handed over to Vidal-Quadras documentation that supported the process carried out over the last three years by the civic entity in order to achieve the convocation of the autonomy referendum, that prefects be elected and the constitution be respected as well as the special laws of convocation.

Translated from El Deber

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