Convocation for Congress of Government and the Peoples, Cochabamba, Bolivia, 2-4 June, 2007

Considering that our continent is passing through a time of change towards a real integration based on sovereignty, dignity, harmony with nature and with the full participation of our peoples;

Committed to the process of social and structural transformation for the recuperation of our natural resources and the strengthening of our states in regards to the management of economic, social and cultural policies for the well being of the population;

Convinced that it is necessary to assume concrete measures between national, local and municipal governments, social movements, business owners, religious figures and all those who want to deepen and widen structural changes;

Recalling that it is 187 years since the assassination of Antonio José de Sucre on June 14, 1830, at the hands of the local oligarchies who wanted to silence the integrationist ideology of this liberator,

The following head of states agree to convoke the Congress of the Governments and the Peoples to be held 2-4 June, 2007, in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The Congress of the Governments and the Peoples has as its objectives to:

* Promote dialogue and the generation of common proposals between governments and the peoples to strengthen integration based on solidarity and sovereignty, in order for all human beings and nature to live well.

* Carry out agreements on action, cooperation and complementariness at different levels and between different instances (governments, municipalities, universities, social movements, business owners, etc) around issues relating to the social, economic, cultural and political agenda

Those who can adhere to the present convocation and participate in this congress include:

- National, state, departmental, regional and municipal governments that share this vision of change

- Parliamentarians, councillors and alternative and progressive political movements

- Social movements, indigenous peoples, networks, institutions, religious congregations, business groups, intellectuals and all expressions of the population that are in favour of change and the transformation of our society

- Universities, institutes and entities involved in this process

- Women, men and youth who are part of these transformations

The agenda of the Congress of the Governments and the Peoples is open and all initiatives will concentrate on the following themes:

1) Integration with sovereignty

2) Social agenda for change (education, healthcare, social rights etc)

3) Structural projects and the generation of employment

4) Sustainable energy integration

5) Infrastructure for the integration of the peoples

6) Harmony with nature (environment, biodiversity, water)

7) Just trade based on solidarity

8) New mechanisms for financing

9) Sovereign agriculture

10) Cultural diversity for integration

11) Justice and culture of peace

12) Rights of indigenous peoples

13) Decriminalisation of coca leaf

There will be three moments during the congress: a first moment for reflections and analysis on the different themes, a second moment of elaboration and agreement on different proposals, projects and pacts, and a third moment of subscribing to different initiatives.

To guarantee concrete results coming out of the Congress of Governments and the Peoples, preparatory meetings will be organises at different levels to being discussing and elaborating proposals for agreements and decisions to be considered at this historic events for our continent.

March 11, 2007


Evo Morales Ayma

Hugo Chavez

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