Morales and Chavez call for the first Summit of Presidents and Social Movement

La Paz, Mar 10 (ABI) – The march towards the unity of South American countries will add a new transcendental summit, when next June 4 head of states and popular representative install the First Summit of Presidents and Social Movements of the region.

On Sunday, the presidents of Bolivia and Venezuela, Evo Morales Ayma and Hugo Chavez respectively, will officially convoke this summit which will be held in Cochabamba and which will prop up the path towards regional unity, assured today the presidential spokesperson Alex Contreras.

The announcement made by Contreras in the Palacio Quemado was corroborated by president Morales who, in the city of Trinidad, who signalled that this summit is “important for Latin American unity”.

“Tomorrow we are going to sign a convocation for an international event that will be held in June for presidents and the leaders of the peoples. It is a grand international event to liberate Latin America” indicated the head of state.

Morales pointed out that as long as the region is not able to break the models imposed by foreign interests “the struggles of [Tomás] Katari and [Simón] Bolivar continue”.

The conference call announced by Contreras and by the Bolivian head of state will open a new chapter in the process of the construction of the South American Community of Nations that last December held its second summit in the city of Cochabamba.

It was there, with the unanimous decision of the presidents and head of states present, that the capital of the valley was designated as the future heaquarters of the South American parliament, a measure that will be strengthen by this new convocation.

At the same time, the spokesperson of the palace said that this encounter “will mark a milestone in regional and global history. For the first time presidents will meet togethers with the social movements”, which did not occur during the Summit of Cochabamba, although the demands of the popular sectors and indigenous peoples were handed over to the presidents of the region.

The summit of presidents and social movements could outline an joint agenda to strengthen the South American Community of Nations, explained the spokesperson for the governmental palace.

The construction of the South American Community of Nations aims to develop an integrated space in the political, social, cultural, economic, financial, environmental and infrastructural spheres.

This South American integration is not only necessary to resolve the grand scourges that affect the region like poverty, exclusion and persistent social inequality, which have transformed themselves in the last few years in a central preoccupation of all national governments, but it is also a decisive step to achieve a multipolar, balanced, and just world, based on a culture of peace.

The South American countries are putting forward a new model of integration with their own identity, pluralists, based on diversity and differences, recognising the distinct political and ideological conceptions that correspond to a pluralist democracy.

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