Garcia Linera calls on the people to defend the process of democratic change

La Paz, August 22 (ABI) – Faced with the interests of small groups with great economic power, who refuse to lose their privileges gain through “their old practise of quotas”, this Wednesday, the vice president of the republic, Alvaro Garcia Linera, called on the people to defend the process of change which was protecting democracy.

“To wear down the old powers will cost a lot, it will be conflictive, the population needs to be conscious of this, and the best way to defend the continuity of the process of change is through democratic mobilisation to back this transformation and to put an end to the history of these old elites, of their old privileges, of their old shameful quotas, so that they never return to the country” assured the vice president.

Garcia Linera was emphatic in pointing out that only a mobilised population could defend the pacific and democratic transformation that the conservative and violent groups, who are feeling marginalised by the structural changes that are being implemented in the country, are attempting to truncate.

He admitted that it was very difficult to wear down the old power that had established themselves over the last years, “product of the sharing around and control of power by a few families”, but that the population is already conscious that it has to defend the continuity of this process of transformations to definitively close off any opportunities for this old elites, their privileges and their quotas.

Within this framework, he insisted that only with a mobilised population, defending the change, the pacific and democratic transformation, would these small conservative and violent groups remain marginalise and without any options left as they try to damage society and Bolivia.
Due to this, Garcia Linera demanded that the national population not allow itself to be taken by surprise by the political tensions that have being registered in the last few weeks in the constituent assembly and in the national congress.

“As the government this is what we least want, but it is clear that the political tensions are being generated, and will continue to be generated over these days, by those sectors that previously had privileges, that previous had control of the state, distributing it amongst their family, wealth, power, management and decision making power, and who are now losing this”, assured the president of the national congress.

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