MAS prefect for Chuquisaca resigns due to regional pressures

Sucre, August 30 (Erbol) – The prefect of the department of Chuquisaca, David Sanchez, resigned Thursday morning from his position due to the crisis situation occurring in the capital of the republic, consequence of the demand to make Sucre the full capital.

The constant pressures of the civic and social organisations of the city of Sucre, who wanted the principal authority of the department to join the protests and threats of larger acts of violence, obliged him to present his irrevocable resignation for the position.

Sanchez, in brief contact with the press, justified, with tears in his eyes, his decision to leave the post, which he gained via direct vote in January 2006, in order to avoid confrontations with the people of Chuquisaca and because he did not receive the support he had hoped for from the MAS government, of which he is part of.

He explained that he did not want to an accomplice to what could occur in the city of Sucre next September 10, when the national summit of social organisations is held, backed by the MAS government.

He indicated that he did all he could to work for the development of the region and thanked his collaborators and the population of Chuquisaca, in particular those from the rural area, for the support he received during his term that lasted approximately one year and eight months.

The irrevocable resignation of Sanchez left a legal vacuum, given that the constitution and the current electoral law says nothing in regards to the substitution of a prefect in the case of a resignation, impediment or death.

Nevertheless, the National Electoral Court (CNE), via its president, Salvador Romero, said that the president of the republic was responsible for the designation of the successor to the prefect of Chuquisaca. Meanwhile, the general secretary of the prefecture, Adrian Valeriano, has assumed the position in the interim.

Sanchez stood as the MAS candidate for prefect of Chuquisaca, winning the December 2005 elections with 42.3% of the votes, ahead of the 36.34% obtained by the candidate of the citizen’s grouping, Podemos, and the 9.55% of National Unity (UN).

He was sworn in as prefect and departmental commander of Chuquisaca on January 23, 2006, in an event held in the House of Liberty, together with his colleagues from the other eight departments. One of his priorities, after assuming the position, was to consolidate the project of an international airport for the capital of the republic.

Translated from Erbol

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