The mayor of Santa Cruz proposes the creation of “another nation”

Bolpress, August 29

The mayor of Santa Cruz, Percy Fernández proposed the creations of “another nation”, made up of the departments of the “half moon” and part of the territories of Chuquisaca and Cochabamba.

During the press conference held in the building of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, together with the president of this entity, Branco Marinkovic and the departmental prefect, Rubén Costas, Fernández suggested creating “another nation”, and in doing so parting the country in two.

Fernández´s call coincides with the secessionist position of the so-called “Camba Nation”, lead by the ex-vice presidential candidate of Samuel Doria Medina and ex-minstry of Health of Jamie Paz Zamora, Carlos Dabdoub, pointed out ABI.

“Now that we have carried out a joint stoppage, we can define the other nation because they have not talked about the nation. That is the western nation, which we tolerate, but do not love. Because they have not tolerate us, it has presents us with the novelty that their nation has gain strength, the colla nation, without offending anyone. Us, Santa Cruz, Tarija, Pando, Beni and part of Chuquisaca, and if they want Cochabamba, should call ourselves the nation of the east, and them the nation of the west. Let see which is bigger in size, which is bigger in numbers of people, which has more production. Let’s see which is stronger. Nation against nation in order to balance forces” commented Fernández.

Podemos senator, Carlos Börth commented that the proposal was absurd and did not represent the thoughts of the people of Santa Cruz nor the civic committee. MAS senator Antonio Peredo said that Bolivia is one and there is no reason for division. Peredo sadi that “faced with this attitude, the Bolivian people should take the decision of forcing him to leave the country”.

Translated from Bolpress

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