Armed Forces remains reserved on conspiracy plan against the government

La Paz, September 10th, 2007 (ABI) – The General Commander of the Army, Gen. Freddy Bersatti, assured on Monday that the Armed forces would reserve for itself the information it has obtain, which is still being analyzed, over a document that reveals a conspiratorial and destabilizing plan against the government.

"There is information of all level, we want keep them in reserve until we have analyzed the information correctly, then, we will give the corresponding information to the government, which we haven’t given them yet", said Gen. Bersatti.

The document, which was made public last week by the security services of the state, attributes its content to the so-called "Nacion Camba", and states objectives of generating violence, in order to cause deaths among Bolivians. It also encourages discrimination and racism, as well as putting into practise conspiracy methods against the national government.

In regards to this, Gen. Bersatti manifested that it is still very premature to think there exists imminent risks against the Constituent Assembly or the state’s internal security.

He remarked that military intelligence is carrying out its own investigations, but all the obtained information is being shared amongst the similar government institutions as well as with the National Police.

“Until now we can not say if information exists or not in regards to this issue, we are still fully investigating it” added the military chief.

At the same time, referring to the current situation of the Constituent Assembly, the uniformed authority said that this was an issue of concern for the armed forces, just as it is for the Government, civic committees, social organizations and all Bolivian.

Finally Gen. Bersatti exhorted all sectors to advance positively in the issue of the current conjuncture and to not be held back on topics that could generate chaos in the country. "Let us look towards the future and no just to a year times, nor one governmental term, but to 20, 50 or 100 years ahead".

Translated from ABI

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