Garcia Linera: With or without the Constituent Assembly, the process of change will continue.

La Razon, September 8

Faced with the growing crisis shaking the country, arising out of the confrontation which has paralyzed the Constituent Assembly, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera announced yesterday that the process of change being implemented by the government would continue, even if the forum collapsed.

He warned that if the “counterrevolutionary right” blocks the Constituent Assembly, putting a break on dialogue, the scenario would change in the future and “they will be the ones that will be coming to knock on our doors for us to accept to dialogue”.

The authority made these declarations during a press conference on his return from the United States where he took part in political and economic negotiations. He said that up until now “we have been very flexible”, insisting on dialogue within the perspective of resolving conflicts and guaranteeing a scenario for the construction of a social pact.

“If the right wing closes down this scenario of dialogue, they themselves are closing downing a democratic instrument to defend their own interests and they should have no doubt at all that, no matter what happens, we will continue with the process of transformation and change of Bolivian society”, he insisted

These declarations were made as the Constituent Assembly finished the first of its four-month extension, that congress granted it, in order to finish drafting the constitutional text, without having been able to reinstall its sessions due to the problems derived from its decision to exclude the issue of the capital from debate.

Since that decision was made on August 15, Sucre has been converted into a scene of permanent confrontations that have stalled the assembly.

Garcia revealed that if the situation persisted “a leap forward would occur”, without the accompaniment of the Constituent Assembly.

“This process of change with the framework of legality and legitimacy will continue and, what’s more, will deepen in terms of making decisions, of transformations of the economic structures, of economic privileges, and in the distribution of wealth for society”, he said.

Translated from La Razon

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