We are all Santa Cruz

Statement by intellectuals and personalities from the city of Santa Cruz, September 4

We are living through a historic moment of inflexion which brings with it potential opportunities of change for Bolivia and Santa Cruz, in which all of us should contribute to and agree upon.

Nevertheless, there exists an environment that could end up bringing down our hopes. Hidden interests, with a callous and intolerant attitude, have take hostage the voice of the institutions that should welcome and represent us without exclusion.

They are sentencing to civil death those who do not repeat with their heart a single, supposedly cruceñista official discourse, to those who do not support violence, to those who do not accept dogmas.

Civic and political leaders, as well as diverse media outlets, are stirring up confrontation instead of consensus, excommunication instead of respect and tolerance, war instead of peace. There are institutions that manipulate our sense of belonging to this land and the love we profess for it, only to intransigently defend their own interests.

It worries us and that is why we are intervening. We are convinced that we are people, classes, cultures, regions and projects, which advance and grow through mutually and attentively listening to each other, and through the joint creation of a land which authentically belongs to everyone.

Diversity is wealth, is life and is freedom, now and always. Only by accepting and respecting this fertile diversity will we find paths and responses to confront the tasks that each day brings us.
There are innumerous and hopeful regional futures. There are a diversity of possible broad, just and solidarity based autonomies. There are infinite projects and horizons which we can all dream of.

We do not accept that opinions, contributions, rights, hopes, designs and questions, ours as well as those of all society, be ignored or left unheard. We do not accept the proclamation and exercising of violence in our name. We not accept anyone appropriating the truth that can be born every day in Santa Cruz.

It is necessary to learn about and understand our people, who speak different languages, who think in different ways, who celebrate in innumerous forms and who cry infinite pains. It is necessary for all of us to be heard, that our right to construct together a new Santa Cruz be respected.

We put forward and call on everyone to support the recuperation of cruceños values, the hospitality with is part of our culture, the longing by its citizens to live in peace and harmony: fundamental conditions in order to produce and generate well being for those of us who live in this blessed land.

Willy Rivero Jordán, Alejandro Colanzi Zeballos, Betty Tejada Soruco, Helena Argirakis Jordán, Alvaro Puente Calvo, Jaime Parejas Román, Fernando Prado Salmón, Miriam Suárez, Gisela López Rivas, Licy Tejada Soruco, Roberto Parejas Román, Irina Feldman, Ramón Ginestet Menke, Verónica Farell Vidal, Pepe Parejas Añez, Mario Siddhartha Portugal Ramírez, Isabella Prado, Jerjes Justiniano Talavera, Carlos A. Barreros Suárez, Carlos Guzmán Córdova, Majda Suleiman R, Carla G. Ariscain Gine, W. Magali Cavero Gonzáles, Alberto Serrudo Reynols, José Sánchez Hervas, Oswaldo Antunez Ortiz, Benito Sensano Mauriel, Carmen Elena Sanabria Salmón, Miguel Bustos, José Ros Izquierdo, Juan Martínez Cusicanqui, Rony Vaca Pereyra, Eduardo A. Carrasco R., Gerardo Villegas Querejazu, Ana María Lema Garrett, José Sucre Guzmán

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