Bolivia accuses Aznar's PP of a plot against Morales

November 11 - The Bolivian government plans to accuse the Popular Party, led by Mariano Rajoy, of conspiring against President Evo Morales, together with other regions of this country which are demanding more autonomy. This accusation was announced last Monday by the Minister of the Presidency, Juan Ramon Quintana, in a meeting with campesinos and was released publicly in a recording provided by a regional functionary from the southern department of Tarija.

Quintana assured that “there is evidence” of “a conspiracy underway” carried out by the parties of the opposition, as much in Spain as in Bolivia, and added that he was not saying this to scare them, but rather so that they would “acquire consciousness”.

“In the next few days” he said “we are going to denounce everything that has to do with this international plot against the government. The Popular Party of ex-president Aznar in
Spain, compañeros, that controls 54% of the Spanish parliament and that has more than 60% of the municipalities in Spain, is financing the departments where the Yes vote won in the autonomy referendum”. “There is evidence. This is already clear and we are going to denounce it with figures” added the minister.

According to Quintana “it is not a just a problem of (governor of Tarija) Mario Cossio only, it is not just a problem of his clowns like (regional civic leader Reynaldo) Bayard and company. This political project [lead by Evo Morales] is a big headache for the globalised neoliberal model”.

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Bolivia Rising said...


- Minister of Presidency accused Popular Party, Spain’s major opponent political party, of financing some departments of conspiring against President Evo Morales.

Santa Cruz, Nov 14 (ABI).- Executive Power warned that the so called group "media luna" is trying to settle the conditions for a coup d´état in autonomy’s issue through permanent civic strikes and actions against Assembly.

Hector Arce, Vice Minister of Government Coordination, pointed out "all these atmosphere of permanent crisis due strikes and problems, are looking for generating the conditions for getting into a process of coup d´état."

However, Arce clarified that the regimens of coup d´état ended with the arrival of the democracy the year 1982.

He manifested that nowadays there are no governments of coup d´état because we live in a democratic State and Bolivia has decided to follow a democratic way for making structural changes through Constituent Assembly.

Arce clarified that President gave Assembly the faculty to establish the issue of autonomies in the new Carta Magna, which he is agree with.

"Autonomy, which is Bolivian State great transformation, can only be done under the framework of democracy, as well as the legality, and under a new Constitution that Assembly was working with", he said.

He pointed out that the populations that belong to those departments did not vote in the referendum of autonomies for trying to put in risk national union, but totally the opposite, they as well as Bolivian town want the changes under democracy, peace, and respect to law.

Within that framework, he pointed out that those warnings related with a coup d´état in autonomy’s issue; in fact, are going to discredit the right of those who pretend to do so.

He expressed "Prefects were democratically elected; they have sworn to make obey the Constitution; so they can not threaten in any moment with that kind of coup d´état measures when all necessary conditions for a democratic dialogue is settle through Assembly, place where any process of transformation could be reached."

For his part, Juan Ramón Quintana, Minister of Presidency, accused Spain’s Popular Party of giving an economic support to departments that are trying to conspire against President Evo Morales.

According to Efe, Minister Quintana said those asseverations in a meeting of Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) that took place in Tarija

Quintana assured that "there are evidences" that "a conspiracy is coming" from both opponent countries, and he added that he was not telling so in order to frighten people, but "for make them aware of it".

"In next days - he said - we are going to denounce the international complot against Government. Popular Party of the former Spain President Aznar, has 54 percent of representation in Spain Parliament and it also has more than 60 percent in Spain municipalities, that opponent party is financing the departments where the autonomy referendum vote got the "yes".

"There are evidences of so. That is already clear and we are going to denounce the figures", Minister added.
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