BOLIVIA: Santa Cruz prefect announces creation of a second republic after May 4

Santa Cruz, April 25 (ABI).- The prefect of Santa Cruz announced this Friday that following the autonomy referendum on May 4th, they would seek to give birth to a second republic.

"We are sick of a centralism, where they do what ever they feel like… they will not stop the May 4 referendum, despite desperate acts by the government to stop it going ahead", stated the Prefect of Santa Cruz.

According to Costa, the government is desperate because “a new republic is being born, a second non-centralist republic emerging from the regions this May 4.”

He announced that a domino effect will occur; after Santa Cruz' will come Beni, Pando and Tarija.

The prefect also thanked the moral support expressed by [La Paz prefect] Jose Luis Paredes, who told him to continue ahead with the birth of this new country.

“Afterwards will occur what Pepelucho (Paredes) said, you go ahead and this new country will be born” assured the prefect who promoted the disintegration of the Bolivian state.

Costas assured that the May 4 referendum is guaranteed to go ahead and that it will be a success because the citizens of Santa Cruz will supposedly his autonomy statutes, which are also being promoted by the president of the Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Branco Marinkovic.

Moreover, he assured that he was not afraid of going to jail for his separatist aspirations; because it was a question of defending the principles of a revolution

"If someone has to go to jail, I (Ruben Costas) have to be out in front, because at the end of the day I am leading this process and I will happily go, as I have said, to defend these principles which have become a revolution and the sentiments of all Santa Cruz citizens".

Translated from ABI


Anonymous said...

The main problem is that president Morales is trying to impose Marxism upon Bolivian people. This ideology is a failure; it does not work. Bolivian people, if they realize this, will never let it hapen. I do not think Costas is trying to divide the country. On the contrary, we are united as never before against Marxist ideology. This is what is happenning in Bolivia

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you on this view. Evo's approach is really bad. He isn't considering the reprecutios that are the result of Marxism. I don't think that Evo will succed.

Anonymous said...

Marxist ideology? What do you mean by that. Marxism is just a just a method to analize history. Acording to Marxism: capitalism creates its own grave. Bolivia is a capitalist country and despite our wealth we are absolutely poor. We want to reverse that. We want to be able to eat. Is that Marxism? Marxism analizes history and economics, it doesn't give you a pattern or ideology to follow. According to Marxism workers would be the creators of a new society. In Bolivia peasants outnumber workers. We do not have industries. Our workforce is small compared to other countries. How could a Marxist theory work in Bolivia? On the contrary, the situation in Bolivia contradicts Marx. In the absence of a revolutionary class, peasants who are not revolutionary, according to Marxist ideology, are in charged of moving forward and making sure that this country from a non-developed country at least develops to the point of feeding its own people first.

Costas is a thief who got caught thieving, and he is trying to attack his victim. If the victim shows that she is more powerful than him, Costas, may end up in Miami like Sanches de Lozada.

ama llulla, ama kella, ama sua, ama llunku

Anonymous said...

Goni is actually in Virginia....

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