Evo announces that with his ratification the new constitutional text will be approved

Red Erbol

During the handing over of machinery and ambulances for the cooperative mining sector last Saturday, the President of the Republic announced that if he is ratified in his position, the new Political Constitution of the State will be approved.

In the event to hand over 10 ambulances, excavators, compressors, perforators and grinders to the National Federation of Mining Cooperatives of Bolivia (FENCOMIN), president Evo Morales announced that the ratification of his mandate in the recall referendum to be held next August 10 would help to ensure that the new constitutional text was approved, seeking out the corresponding consensuses.

“Let’s seek with patience to complement: everything is guaranteed, regional, departmental autonomies, if there are any doubts let the majorities decide” announced Morales.

During the handing over of machinery and ambulances, destined for the cooperative mining sector, the executive of FENCOMIN, Andres Villca, expressed that “this event corresponds to the second lot to be handed over and benefits the 10 federations that make up FENCOMIN.”

The leader praised the speech by president Evo Morales because this is the first time that articles that benefit the mining sector appear in a constitutional text.

“It is a constitution elaborated by the poor, workers, peasants and as a consequence it represents us”, emphasised Villca.

Translated from Rebelion

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