Venezuela and Bolivia: What International Aid Could Look Like

Sixty-one per cent of the cooperation that the Venezuelan government granted to Bolivia within the programme, ‘Bolivia Changes, Evo Delivers’, is directed at the departments of Santa Cruz, Pando and Beni and has created thousands of jobs, according to the Bolivian minister, Juan Quintana.

He indicated that till date about $110 million were invested through this cooperation; the total came as donation without any conditionality on the part of the Bolivarian (Venezuela’s) government. “It is unconditional cooperation, there are no bargaining chips, it is transparent, clean and direct,” said Quintana.

Through this work, he said, more than 2,000 physical infrastructure works and projects had been achieved till date along the length and breadth of the country. Among the work realised were the construction of schools, health centres, sports camps and the grant of computers.

The Minister said the investment generated 40,000 direct and 70,000 indirect jobs that benefited the population of 321 municipalities in which this programme works. “All the help of the Venezuelan government to the sister republic of Bolivia is as solidarity with its people and has no conditions or interests,” claimed a former Venezuelan diplomat in Bolivia.

The sharing of my government is not only with Bolivia but also is with Peru and other nations with which we are brothers, he said. The solidarity of his government should not cause surprise, it had always been explicit, he added.

Translated from Argenpress by Meeting Point

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