Bolivia Waits Expectantly Presidential Message

La Paz, Aug 6 (Prensa Latina) Bolivian President Evo Morales is to present Wednesday to the country his mandate report, on occasion of the 183rd anniversary of the Independence Day in this country.

According to the statesman, the decision to refuse his visit to Sucre responded the intransigent attitude taken by Chuquisaca authorities, who supported violent groups' provocations.

"I won't be in Sucre due to possible confrontation among Bolivians that could bring dangerous consequences," the president noted.

Morales also stated that other protests by social sectors in the country form the opposition strategy to hinder a referendum slated for Sunday.

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia decided Tuesday to suspend the National Congress' honorary session, scheduled for the day of the country's foundation.

Garcia explained that the traditional call to this meeting, also in Sucre, has been affected by extremist groups that threatened physical security of parliamentarians, ministers of State and diplomats invited to those activities.

Bolivians' homeland holiday have been tarnished here due to clashes carried out by social sectors, among them miners and the Trade Union, which demand a new pension law, a text the legislative is debating.

Another example of those hostilities has been attacks to delegations causing that Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez and Argentina's Cristina Fernandez cancelled their visit to Tarija.

The Venezuelan statesman termed distressing from Buenos Aires the violent course of those happenings in Bolivia and held "oligarchy and the fifth national column" at the service of the US empire responsible for that situation.

Republished from Prensa Latina

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