Evo Morales is ratified with 60% of the votes and three prefects are revoked

La Paz, August 10 (ABI) – President Evo Morales and Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera were ratified with 60% of the votes in favour of Yes, according to exit poll results from various TV and radio media outlets.

The tendency shows the ratification of the prefects of Santa Cruz, Ruben Costas, of Beni, of Beni, Ernesto Suárez Sattori; of Tarija, Mario Cossío and of Pando, Leopoldo Fernández.

On the other hand, the prefects revoked, according to these polls are those of La Paz, José Luis Paredes; of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, and of Oruro, Alberto Aguilar.

Translated from ABI

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