US: We must interfere in Bolivian affairs

Press TV, Sat, 06 Sep 2008

The US ambassador in Bolivia meets the rebel governor of Chuquisaca saying Washington should interfere in the country's internal affairs.

Throwing his weight behind the rebel governor of Chuquisaca state Sabina Cuellar on Friday, Phillip Goldberg called on the Bolivian government of President Evo Morales to pay attention to the demands of the opposition.

Goldberg claimed that since Bolivia is presently in a state of political instability, the US institutions should interfere in Bolivia's internal affairs.

This is not the first time that the US officials are evidently interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

Nonetheless, Morales denounced Goldberg's support of the right-wing “autonomy” movement that is promoting the secession of five Bolivian provinces.

Goldberg was summoned to Bolivia's Foreign Ministry last week for his meeting with governor of the state of Santa Cruz who is also an opponent of President Morales.

Morales became the first indigenous leader of Bolivia after winning more than 53 percent of votes in the 2006 presidential election - a rare absolute majority victory in the country.

Goldberg's remarks about the internal affairs of an independent country comes days after the visiting Bolivian President in Tehran said the White House has warned Bolivia against developing ties with Iran, “something Bolivia will not abide by”.

“Iranians and Bolivians would like to see how their leaders defend the interests of their countries and fight Imperialism,” Morales said.


sarodgz said...

We need a Cumbre de Rio meet to address this outrage!

I just posted this in my comment to "No Going Back", and I repeat it.

The shameless expressions by Goldberg are not to be tolerated.
The nations of the Americas must meet and address this blatant threat, before it's too late.

Sandra Rodriguez
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Unknown said...

Though I agree with Sandra, she doesn't go far enough. Change begins at home, and rather than just urging other nations to resist US dominance, we (including colonies) must work to end and reverse the exploitations of US Empire. (Though Obama represents only a small chance of meaningful change in that regard--it is the only chance we have.) Historically, empire is a bi-partisan goal, no matter how it is parsed.
A good start would be the referral of the last three presidents to the ICC at The Hague to answer war crimes charges, if only for their authorization of the use of DU munitions, and to then work down the list of other crimes from there.
If nothing else is gained, it ought to provide a wake-up call for the US citizenry and subsequent leaders who send people like Holbrooke and Goldberg to provoke dissent, divisiveness and destruction in other nations.
Rather than the US interfering in Bolivian affairs, the WHOLE WORLD should intervene in US affairs.
Unfortunately, we all know that it won't happen--that the UN is merely the puppet with the US controlling the strings.

Anonymous said...

I think it is significant that Goldberg was previously the US representative in Kosovo, and suspect that his experience in fostering right-wing secessionist movements played a role in his appointment from Washington. I hope the Morales government will refuse his return as persona non grata.

Phillip Allen
Winsted, CT USA said...

The readers of this blog and others like it need to deluge the MSM with these stories until they pay attention. I have received a response from my email to the LA Times about its inadequate story on the expulsion of Goldberg. I pointed out to them that Goldberg is in violation of the Vienna Protocols dealing with those claiming the privilege of diplomatic immunity. President Morales is well within his rights to expel Goldberg and probably should have done so long ago. He also has exercised enormous restraint in dealing with the Media Luna crowd. However, when innocents being to die, it is time to take off the gloves and bust some heads, followed by al ong stint in jail. Like 40-50 years for treason and insurrection.

red said...

Thank you very much for this information.


Acumensch said...

It makes me upset that the US government was asking Peace Corp volunteers to spy on Cubans and Venezuelans in Bolivia. It just shows how desperate the US is to topple a democratically-elected socialist.

David Sketchley said...


Could you provide the link to PressTV article please?


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