Bolivian Congress to Meet Outdoors

La Paz, Oct 20 (Prensa Latina) Despite rejection by opposition members of Parliament, the Bolivian Congress will meet on Monday outside the Legislative Palace, on Murillo Square, in downtown La Paz, to pass a constitutional referendum bill.

According to Senator Felix Rojas, head of the bench of the governing Movement to Socialism (MAS), the initiative responds to the democratic essence of a parliament seeking to get closer to the people.

We must not fear either debates outside those thick walls or face-to-face meetings with Bolivians, Rojas told Prensa Latina in reference to criticisms from parliamentarians from the opposition Social Democratic Power (PODEMOS).

Asked about a march by social organizations, which departed at dawn from the town of Ventilla, less than 18 miles from La Paz, and is headed by President Evo Morales, Rojas pointed out that it is an expression of a historic demand for Bolivia's refoundation.

For his part, Antonio Franco, of PODEMOS, said his party would weigh if its representatives in Parliament will join the street debates, which are unconstitutional.

However, National Unity (UN) Deputy Guillermo Mendoza said Congress must welcome the thousands of marchers with the law to call a constitutional referendum, as a response to the demand from social movements.

I wish congresspeople reached an agreement before this march of the Bolivian people arrives in La Paz and ends as a great national party, Morales said.

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