Over forty Members of Parliament back social change in Bolivia

Over forty Members of Parliament in Britian have signed a parliamentary motion backing the Evo Morales government and welcoming the recent referendum results in Bolivia which saw the country adopt a new progressive constitution.

The motion “welcomes the victory of Evo Morales” and supports “the new constitution [which] provides for a more equal distribution of Bolivia's natural resources and land and also addresses the centuries-long discrimination faced by the majority indigenous population”.

It also addresses the wave of violence in Bolivia over the past year by opponents of the Evo Morales government - and which culminated in the Pando massacre of 30 indigenous people in September 2008 - by calling for “the right-wing opposition who have engaged in sustained violence to subvert the democratic process to now accept the expressed will of the Bolivian people”.

Colin Burgon MP, who proposed the motion said:

“This motion is a sign of the solidarity there is in Britain for the process underway in Bolivia. After centuries of poverty and discrimination, the Bolivian people at last have a Government committed to addressing social inequalities. The new constitution will be a huge step in delivering this. We will continue to build support and links with these progressive developments in Bolivia.

It also sends a message to the Bolivian opposition that the world will speak out whenever it engages in campaigns of racist voice and intimidation.”

The full motion and the list of MPs who have signed the motion is available here

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