Bolivia’s Morales Says Allies Should Boost Military Cooperation

Jonathan J. Levin

July 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bolivian President Evo Morales urged his allies in Latin America to increase military cooperation after Honduran armed forces ousted that country’s president.

Morales said members of the Alba trade bloc, which also includes Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Nicaragua, should concentrate their efforts on issues involving armed forces, social movements and political parties.

“This coup is a threat against the continued growth of Alba,” Morales said, in remarks broadcast yesterday on Bolivian state radio Patria Nueva.

Honduran leader Manuel Zelaya was ousted from the presidency on June 28 and put on a plane to Costa Rica after he ignored court orders to reinstate the head of the armed forces and call off a national poll on changing the country’s constitution. Morales and other Alba presidents are demanding Zelaya’s immediate reinstatement.

He said the group plans to meet in September in Cochabamba, Bolivia, without giving a specific date.

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