Evo Morales: United States took part in the coup d’état in Honduras

La Paz, Jul 23. ABN.- United States took part in the coup d’état carried out against the President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, because they did not do anything to prevent it and they are doing nothing to make possible his return as Head of State, said this Thursday the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

In a press conference with local journalists and foreign correspondents, Morales said that he was convinced that “Barack Obama and the imperialism that still have its tentacles in that Administration to carry out hegemonic and anti-democratic actions in the world are not the same.”

He said that there are evidences of the U.S participation because of the omission at the events happening in Honduras.

“The international community is following closely this issue and the putschists should take into account that keeping that unconstitutionality in the Central American country is only damaging its people,” he emphasized.

Morales added that Honduras people’s demand have passed from the restitution of the democratic process to the summoning of a Constituent Assembly, aimed at deepening the transforming processes to benefit the people.

Bolivia’s President urged the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) to declare themselves about the violations to the press of freedom happening in Honduras, where diverse radio stations and TV channels have been closed by the putschists.

“When they denounced wrongly that the freedom of press was being violated in Bolivia, the IAPA Director Board came to the country to realize that was not true, but when there are in Honduras flagrant violations to that right, they remain quiet and do nothing,” he said.

The Head of State also made reference of the steps that has started to make the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) to make that the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean can count on an instrument for the integration and economic development based on the spirit of complementarity and not competitiveness, as it happens on the Free Trade Treaty promoted unilaterally by United States.

“The ALBA has defeated the proposal of the Free Trade Area of the Americas proposed by United States. The Trade Treaty for the Peoples will do the same with the United States’ Free Trade Treaty,” Morales said.

Likewise, he commented that the next Presidential Summit of the Alba to take place in Bolivia in September will probably change its scheduled date, because it coincides with the meeting of the United Nations meeting, to which most of the presidents will attend.

Morales stated that there commissions already working to draft agreements to be signed by the residents of El Chapare, where the ALBA meeting will take place, on economy, politics, and the role of the Armed Forces on the security and development of the country.

In addition, the President of Bolivia said that he will propose a project to create a National Security School with a doctrine of defending people’s and not others’ interests, as it is the case of the School of the Americas of United States, where the military were trained to carry out coups against democracies.

Finally, Morales stated that the Bolivian Armed Forces have moved into a new stage of full identification with their people and their development; for that reason, the army participate and make decisions on diverse State projects.

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Tom Lavin said...

Liberals cannot have it both ways:
When a left wing policy is violated by the right wing the U.S. is faulted for intervening in their internal affairs. When a right wing policy is violated by the left wing the U.S. is expected to applaud and increase their foreign assistance funding.
I suggest that the U.S. should always support freedom advocates over their bullying dictators. The support does not always have to be so public that meddling in their politics can be charged - the liberal media will make that charge automatically. But, in order to show the world that the U.S. has a consistent foreign policy that intends to protect the individual's human rights, it must actively and quickley support freedom's pillars, just as written in the U.S. Constitution. When that policy fails, the selfish politicians of the world begin their quest for power and influence. Without being the policemen of the world, the U.S. should always support the people engaged in their own fight for freedom until there is no choice remaining but to intervene on their behalf. All else failing, the U.S. should take power with a vengeance until such time as they can be assured that the dictatorial forces and their minions have not only been defeated but have little opportunity or reason to return for more. Once the situation has been normalized, their own freely elected government should be returned to power, just as the U.S. has done for 200 years.

Bolivia Rising