Evo Morales says that in Latin America there exist those that are socialists “in name only” or “pro-capitalist”

EFE - Bolivian president Evo Morales affirmed today that in Latin America there exist “anti-imperialist” socialists but also those that are socialists “in name only” and “pro-capitalist” and believes that the “real ones” can be identified by looking at their positions on how to save the planet in the face of climate change.

Morales made these reflections in a press conference in La Paz, after being consulted by the press in regards to where he believes the victory of right winger Sebastián Piñera in Chile supposes a weakening of the “socialist” bloc in Latin America.

The head of state responded by saying he would not “classify” different presidents or governments in the region, but said that he is convinced that there exists a “rebellion of the peoples, of the social movements, against capitalism. That is unstoppable.”

According to Morales, when the issues of the environment and climate change are debates, the “peoples of the world”, the ecologists, scientists and leftists indentify “capitalism as the common enemy of humanity”.

“Therefore, the peoples of the world have a banner of struggle to defend life, the planet… to save humanity. That is where we can differentiate the real socialists from those in Latin America who are socialist in name only” said Morales.

The leftist Bolivian president belongs to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) bloc, led by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, who proposes the construction of a “21st century socialism.”

Translated from ADN

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