Bolivia: Tiquipaya will host World Peoples Summit on the Environment between October 10-12

President Evo Morales and leaders of the Bolivian Workers Central (COB) and the National Coalition for Change (CONALCAM) announced on Tuesday that Tiquipaya, in the department of Cochabamba, had been chosen to host the Summit for the Environment and Life set for October 10-12.
“We first debated the call for a World Summit for the Environment and in Defence of Live that will be held in Tiquipaya from October 10 to 12 this year,” said the vice-minister for coordination with Social movements Alfredo Rada.
The government authority said that the next international event would be a kind of “Tiquipaya II” given that the first World Summit of the Peoples in Defence of Life was held there. The idea is to give continuity to the policies put forward five years ago.
For his part, the main leader of the COB Juan Carlos Trujillo announced that a document was being prepared between the government and the social movements to “raise awareness about Bolivia’s position of looking after human life.
“We see how the empire, how capitalism has generated social crisis, a global environmental crisis, global warming and how this is affecting humanity and workers. That is why it is important for us to speak out and prepare a document jointly between president Evo Morales, the COB, and national federations and confederations, he said.
According to official sources, the resolution developed by social movements at the October meeting will be presented as a regional proposal to COP20 which is set to be held in Paris, France.

Translated from Cambio

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