Campesinos and workers announce radicalization of measures of pressure

Cochabamba, January 11 (ABI) - Campesinos and workers from Cochabamba announced on Thursday the radicalization of their measures of pressure against the Civic Committee of Cochabamba and the prefect Manfred Reyes Villa, who they accused of have instrumented a violent attack with fire arms, sticks, chains and teargas against the coca producing campesinos who were carrying out a peaceful march.

Severo Huanca, executive secretary of the main organization that brings together the six federation of coca producers was emphatic in declaring that the decision of the grassroots is to “neither forget nor forgive for the assassination of our companero from Chimore, Nicomedes Gutierrez”

“We are very angry because of the violence and the assassination of our companero by people who are not even from Cochabamba. Manfred Reyes Villa is a tyrant that has massacred people from the government of Garcia Meza, Hugo Banzer Suarez, his ally Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and he continues to massacre, that is why the mobilizations are going to radicalize” assured the leader.

Huanca announced that a convocation had gone out for an open town meeting – to be held at 10am on Friday in Cochabamba – of all the campesino organizations to express their rejection of “racism and demand the resignation” of the prefect Reyes Villa.

For his part, the main leader of the Cochabamba workers, Victor Mitma, assured that during the popular town meeting that will be held on Thursday, the social movements will ratify their position that the solution to this political crisis in Cochabamba lies with the resignation of the prefect Reyes Villa.

Translated from ABI

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