Political Error: Cochabamba asks for the prefect to resign

MAS newsdesk, January 10, 2007

The declarations by Prefect Manfred Reyes Villa in support of “independence for Santa Cruz”, and calling for the collection of signatures for a new referendum on autonomies in Cochabamba, has provoked the anger of the populace, especially amongst organizations opposed to NFR [Nueva Fuerza Republicana, Reyes Villa’s party].

On December 14, 2006, the prefect of Cochabamba congratulated Santa Cruz for asking for autonomy and calling on citizens to collect signatures for a new referendum on autonomies in the department despite the fact that, in the national referendum, the No vote imposed itself in Cochabamba.

Different organizations protested because of the declarations made and, despite the fact that Reyes Villa argued his statement was an error, the confrontation of the social organizations have been against one of the representatives of past governments and, who today, is a participant in the prefect bloc that confronts the government. That is why they are demanding the resignation of Prefect Reyes.

The prefect of Cochabamba committed the error of believing that he had legitimacy across the entire department; he made a mistake. In his eagerness for prominence, the prefect through his declarations took a position on the issue of autonomy; again he made a mistake. Today, the prefect, as an active part of the prefect bloc in opposition to the government, has attacked MAS and the organizations of Cochabamba who are asking for his resignation.

Dialogue and respect of the popular will, that is the road towards a solution to this conflict.

Translated from MAS website

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