CONAMAQ: "The scenario we are now in is one of an undeclared war"

The National Council of Ayllus and Markas from Qullasuyu, CONAMAQ, makes this pronouncement in the face of the process of political destabilization in the country. We denounce that the oligarchy has not recognized the validity of this democratic process.

Not content with having forced, in complicity with the governments of Mesa and Beltze, its referendum for autonomies, now they want to force another departmental referendum, treading all over the last national consultation.

There is a confabulation against the advance of the Constituent Assembly. The originario indigenous movement, as creator of this process of the Constituent Assembly, expresses with clarity and firmness that we do not accept this challenging of the process by sectors of the oligarchy that are trying to make the Constituent Assembly fail.

We warned from the start that the advance of the transnational oligarchy that centered its destabilizing actions in Santa Cruz and its civic committee, was aimed at the departments of Cochabamba and La Paz

Today we see an ex-paramilitary who’s function is as a prefect and presents himself in front of the international press as “governor”, has not doubted in pulling out his shock troops and has assassinated brothers from the indigenous people and originario nations in the city of Cochabamba. We put responsibility for the deaths of our brothers at the hands of the servants of the transnational oligarchy.

In reality, the scenario we are now in is one of an undeclared war. This fact is part of a plan designed to abort our process of construction of a Plurinational State.

The Government Council of CONAMAQ declares a state of emergency in all the territory of the Ayllus and Markas of the millenary Qullasuyu, warning that if this conspiracy by the oligarchy does not cease, we will use political actions in defense of the foundational process of the country.

Finish off the discriminatory and colonial state
Glory to the fallen brothers in the struggle against the transnational oligarchy
Jallalla originario and foundational Constituent Assembly
Jallalla the new plurinational state

January 13, 2007

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