COR-El Alto: “Articulate a revolutionary front that contributes towards consummating these profound changes”, plus report on FEJUVE meeting

Resolution of the 18th emergency meeting of the Regional Workers Central of El Alto (COR-El Alto), January 12

The workers of this city, considered the vanguard of the 21st century revolution of Bolivia, faced with the offensive of the neoliberals who are once again utilizing fascism massacring the cocalero and campesino companeros from Cochabamba, are standing up in struggle, with the objectives and struggle of October 2003, to defeat the offensive of the neoliberals and their apparatuses such as the prefectures, business owners organisations, the fascist youth, that is, all their repressive apparatus.

With these objectives, the emergency meeting of the COR-El Alto resolves the following:

First – The workers of the city of El Alto reiterate our unstoppable struggle for the historic objectives put forward in the denominated Gas War of October 2003, where at the feet of the coffins of the altenos that had been massacred we swore to consistently struggle for a government of the workers, campesinos and the urban poor, which will come through the defeat the neoliberal apparatuses.

Second – The COR, together with social movements are convoking for Monday, January 15 of this year, the symbolic burial of the martyrs of the struggle against neoliberalism and a protest meeting against the neoliberal massacre perpetrated by the fascist hordes of the oligarchy represented by the current prefect Manfred Reyes Villa. The concentration will begin at the doors of the COR from 10am.

Thirdly – In coordination with the Federation of Neighbourhood Committees (FEJVUE), in a weeks time, an open town meeting will be convoked to set out actions to definitely defeat the neoliberal apparatus.

Fourth – We ratify that the current neoliberal prefect of La Paz, Jose Luis Paredes is our irreconcilable enemy; therefore, we will continue fighting until his resignation becomes a concrete fact. Moreover, we demand the resignation of the current councilors for having constituted themselves into simple accomplices of the ex-major who was well know for persecuting the trade union leaders of El Alto

Fifth – We demand that as accomplice of the genocidal ex-president of the republic, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada, the current prefect Manfred Reyes Villa in his condition as head of the NFR [New Republican Force], be included in the trial of responsibility against Sanchez de Lozada’s massacre.

Sixth – We call on the deputies, councilors and assembly delegates of MAS to articulate fronts for mobilization to defend the process of change. In the case that they don’t do this, they will be declared traitors to the objectives of the altenos.

Seventh – Articulate a revolutionary front that contributes towards consummating these profound changes into reality, based on the trade unions and other organizations that are not part of the COR.

Passed in the meeting room of COR-El Alto on the twelfth day of the month of January of 2007.

Meanwhile Mario Ronald Duran Chuquimia reports on the meeting of the Presidents of the Neighbourhood Committees of El Alto translated from Noticias El Alto

Bolivia: The Neighbourhood committees decide to kick out the prefect, Jose Luis Paredes.

January 12

The meeting of the presidents of the neighbourhood committees of El Alto (in which I participate as a representative of my neighbourhood council) decided:

* Declare 30 days of mourning for the fallen in Cochabamba
* Convoke an open town meeting for Monday, January 15 at 10am
* Demand of the departmental councillors the resignation of prefect Jose Luis Paredes.
* Organise political actions in the district of El Alto
* Give a deadline of 48 hours to JLP to hand over his resignation

The headquarters of FEJUVE were surrounded by neighbours from El Alto who demands the resignation of JLP and accused the leadership of the Federation of Neighbourhood Councils of “buscapega” [using positions to get jobs in government – BR], the windows of this building were broken by the stoning of some of the more excited ones.

You could feel it in the air that the sorrowful events of Cochabamba had inflamed the social environment and had scattered the necessary fuel for a social explosion with consequences difficult to predict.

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Anonymous said...

This is the most outrageous document i have seen yet from this group. I'll start with the fourth statement: the prefect (or "governor") Paredes was the mayor of El Alto for 2 terms. In those two terms he put El Alto on the map. He provided basic systems which Evo Morales' government has destroyed (as seen in the water war, where the water supplier was ousted at the expense of the government). The COR is upset that Paredes, now the prefect or "governor" is providing more jobs to the Yungas region and to La Paz. But of course, thats his job. Then, the first point about the Gas War and the second about the MARTYRS: the Gas War was a political movement organized by the Chilean and Peruvian governments to defeat Bolivia's postulation as a Natural Gas provider for California. Had Bolivia made the deal, Peru would have had no gas deal (being that Bolivian gas is cheaper and cleaner) and Chile would never get a gas deal (which they need to irrigate the Atacama region, nearest to Bolivia). So who is the COR really supporting?? They were funded by these 2 governments and now they try to sound off as patriots? And their martyrs are no other than the people they killed themselves as was portrayed in a study where 4 of the dead protesters were found to be shot point blank and NOT from government snipers who were in place only for strategic reasons. Former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada took the blame for nearly 80 deaths, and in this study, 4 of the corpses were conclusively found to be shot by the protesters themselves with destituted police weapons. Oh, and the COR also stole military armament. Maybe that explains any "military" killings. Finally, the 6th point, about the MAS (socialist movement, Evo Morales) organizing a front against the prefects (or "governors"): not only did the Coca Leaf Syndicate (whose president is Evo Morales) light Cochabamba's (3rd largest city in Bolivia) town square on fire, but they fought peaceful protesters off with sticks and stones. And at no point did Evo Morales take any responsibility, even though the 6 confederations of Coca Leaf Growers may only be commanded by the Syndicate's president (aka: Evo Morales). So if it is up to MAS to organize the protesters, Bolivia is far from rising. Evo Morales has only had a history of confrontation where his fascist ideals combined with his guerilla vice-presidents communist ideas have often clashed with law enforcement and Bolivia's constitution. Now, far from the law, he is proposing a confrontation between the middle class who are being affected by their protests (10 million dollars a day in Cochabamba are lost cuz of protests) and the Coca Leaf Syndicates, COR, FEJUVE, and MST (Movimiento Sin Tierra, a movement to expropiate land from the rich). Against them stands a weak and divided opposition, the powerless COB (Regional Workers Central of BOLIVIA), and the beheaded military (Evo Morales removed 3 generations of leaders) who will again take the blame for any deaths. Indeed, it is mass media who is so fascinated by Chavez calling Bush "the devil" and Morales nationalizing hidrocarbons that has set-up an explosive situation in Bolivia. Far from former President's Rodriquez Veltze and Carlos Mesa, this government is run by guerrilla fighters (vice-president Garcia fought alongside the "sendero luminoso", a terrorist organization based in Peru, and went to jail for blowing up communications towers). And fighters and syndicalists are the last thing i can think of when i think of peaceful resolution.

Bolivia Rising