Alert: Washington is preparing a civil war in Bolivia

Luis Bilbao, Director, América XXI

Precise information indicates that the US State Department is moving its pieces within the dominant classes of Bolivia, financing civilian mercenary groups, installing agent provocateurs and enlisting shock troops in order to overthrow Evo Morales and put a halt to the Latin American revolutionary process.

Argentina can not remain stand apart from this conflict which is unfolding right now in this brother country.

It would mean turning our backs on our own history. But it would also provide more evidence that myopia and self-interest end up inflicting grave harm on oneself: if we do not detain this, the conflagration that the Whit House is preparing in Bolivia will inevitably extend itself into Argentine territory. Our people would become caught up in a fratricidal war.

It is unacceptable that the campaign to capture votes for the October 28 elections could bamboozle its protagonist and hide this reality. All the candidates, without exception, should make a pronouncement demanding that the government in Washington cease its sinister war plan for South America. It is not possible to allude to the democracy in Argentina and yet remain unconcerned in the face of this threat.

The first and largest responsibility falls with the government. Mr President Nestor Kirchner: it is urgent that you make a public pronouncement against the conspiring of the US which aims to overthrow the government of Evo Morales.

If San Martin was capable of creating out of nothing an army to confront imperialism in the region, it is unacceptable, for someone who claims to be the genuine heir to the Liberator, to ignore this very grave threat.

The responsibility of intellectuals, artists, and union and social leaders is no less: no one can exempt themselves from making this commitment in the fact of this imperialist attack aimed at initiating a bellicose conflagration in Latin America.

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Anonymous said...

What a bunch of suckers:
Venezuela is sending military planes daily and taking back drug on exchage for weapons to fight the 5 departments that do not agree with the stupid Castro-Communist movement which tries to bring South America to dictatorship and seclusion.
No my friends is not The United States who is helping this to happen is the own Bolivian people that is against this clown manipulated by Extremist Chavez and senile Castro.
I have seen Cuba and is not the paradise Castro tries to sell.

Bolivia will speak up and it will be soon, definitely there will be an upraising and is not managed by United States but by ourselves.

Autonomia Carajo!!
Viva Santa Cruz!

Bolivia Rising