Armed Forces demands that the political class resolve the conflicts that the country is living through

September 14, La Paz (APG) The Chief Commander of the Armed Forces, Wilfredo Vargas, demanded on Thursday that the political class provide a response, to the confidence that was deposited in them by the population, to responsibly resolve the conflicts confronting the country.

Vargas pointed out “we are responsible and we have elected out representatives, therefore, these misters that have been elected by us – because I also voted – they should assume their responsibility with the Bolivian people”.

The military chief considered that when all of them were elected to represent Bolivians they became directly responsible for resolving the obstacles facing the citizens.

“We have deposited our confidence in them, and now they have to show us that the confidence that we deposit was logical, and that they will look for good solutions for our homeland”.

Following this line, he said that democracy allows amply space for politicians to solve problems within the framework of dialogue, given that Bolivians still have confidence that the capacity and conciliatory spirit of their national representatives will prevail, in order to give an excellent example of understanding for the whole country.

In regards to the call made by the military archbishop, Gonzalo del Castilla, to the Armed Forces and the Police, saying that they are the institutions that should guarantee peace in the country, he commented “the Armed Forces never prepare themselves for guaranteeing peace: they are always a bastion of guarantee within the framework of the Political Constitution of the State”.

The declarations by the military chief to the media were made as possibilities of dialogue were opening up between the different political parties, under the mediation of the Catholic Church, in order to resolve the most conflictive themes that confront Bolivians.
Translated from Jornada

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