Bolivia will bring together indigenous peoples of the world to promote the defense of the planet

La Paz, Sept 15 (ABI) – President Evo Morales Ayma convoked representatives of the indigenous peoples of different countries of the world to a summit which will be held between October 11 and 12 in Bolivia in order to elaborate concrete proposals for the preservation of nature and the environment.

During this opportunity, they will also celebrate the overwhelming approval by 143 votes of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which occurred on September 13 in New York.

“It will not only be a grand festival to celebrate together the approval of this declaration, but it will also be an event to put forward concrete offers of how to preserve nature and human life, to save the planet”, stated President Morales, saluting the countries that approved this declaration.

The head of state expressed that the struggle of the peoples has been fruitful, but that did not mean that the struggle had finished, on the contrary, now “ we must sensitize ourselves so that, together, we can see how we can save the planet, and as a consequence, how we can save humanity”.

“I feel that it is important that we save the planet, the planet is sick with contamination, the moment when this fever becomes stronger, it will certainly affect all of us, rich and poor, no one will save themselves from this” expressed Morales Ayma.

In this sense he stated that it was necessary to change economic policies, being conscious of nature and taking the debate to the United Nation and to other international organizations.

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Unknown said...

The indigenous movement of Evo Morales requires, in the best of circumstancias, an extremely difficult balance of investment, social change, race, environment and regional cooperation. In the best of worlds, success will be difficult. The revelations of Eva Golinger that some U$13.5 million has been spent by USAID on "democratization" in a country with 85% of voter turnout and a President elected with the highest majority mandate (54%) in the last century is shocking. We at Radio Tomate Latino will investigate Casals & Associates. Sounds like another Halliburton.

What is happening in Bolivia could become the greatest economic anecdote for the gross failure of neo-liberalism. Sometimes I think that los Boli's are their own worst enemy. Basta de Kollas y Cambas, capitalizacion, y la constuyente. Think BOLIVIA; Casals Y Associates are thinking Military Coup from Istigarribia, Paraguay and they've got the money and time on their side. Wake-up Bolivia!

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