Bolivia: Division in the National Electoral Court as recall referendum approaches

La Paz – The National Electoral Court (CNE) is divided: the vice president of the entity Jeronimo Pinheiro manifested that the recall referendum convoked for August 10 by President Evo Morales should be suspended because of the existence of legal gaps.

“I believe that it is pertinent that this process be suspended, given that the law (which convoked the referendum) which has been approved has numerous faults” said the vice president of the CNE on Saturday, according to whom the questions asked in the plebiscite, as well as the percentages that the president and prefects require [to maintain their post], are not clear.

For his part, the president of the CNE Jose Luis Exeni, designated by President Evo Morales manifested in the last few days that the referendum process will go ahead, after hearing about the ruling of Silvia Salame, spokesperson for the Constitutional Tribunal, who recommended via a decree to stop the referendum going ahead as it was unconstitutional.

In this context, President Evo Morales said yesterday in Cochabamba that those that want the referendum to stop going ahead are enemies of democracy.

Translated from Ultimas Noticias

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