For All Bolivia

Statement by For All Bolivia

Bolivian men and women from the east and west, the countryside and city, who have remained invisible and silent in the face of the laboratorists of disaster wanting to create the impression of division in order to hide their unabashed struggle for power and the economic resources of the state, would like to express the following to the national public opinion:

1. We see ourselves as part of the process of change that is only possible within the framework of unity, political plurality and democracy.

2. We put forward the necessity of deepening the process of change by including new actors and establishing new social and political alliances.

3. Confronted with the risk of confrontation and social and political fragmentation that looms over Bolivia, we propose the necessity of redirecting the process of construction of a national pact

4. We recognise the legitimacy of the different demands for autonomy and propose that they be re-raised through the constitutional channel.

5. We propose and defend the right of the indigenous and originarios peoples and the regions to be actors in their own development and managers of their own destiny.

6. In the face of the utilisation and manipulation of the youth, we propose to be an active and fundamental part within the process of national transformation, along with our knowledge, inclusiveness and respect as the basis of the new leaders for the construction of a more just and egalitarian society

7. In the face of the existing gender discrimination that isolates women from decision-making process, we propose their full participation with equal conditions.

8. In the face of the political polarisation and intolerance which is leading us towards confrontation, we propose to construct an alternate path of consensus towards real change.

For the construction of a inclusive, plural and democratic state, we call on the men and women of Bolivia to break with indifference and silence, to believe in ourselves and in the country, and to be authentic actors for change and the transformation that Bolivia requires… for All Bolivia!

SANTA CRUZ: Jerjes Justiniano Talavera 1483966 SC, Alejandro Colanzi Zeballos 1985120 SC, René Tarifa Zambrana 6352161 SC, Diego Moscoso Sanginés Uriarte 5859515 SC, Ariel Rojas Torrico 6227407 SC, José Sucre Guzmán 2982391 SC, Lilian Mealla Williams 671382 LP, Abel Lurici M 5605368, Franz Delgado Gutierrez 4583629 SC, Carlos Alberto Verazaín Pinto 6230466 SC, Varinia Torres Collazos 6591641 P, Ruy Guillermo D`Alencar Delgado 6300699 SC, Pablo Mansilla Bladés 6334889 SC, Betty Roca Hubbauer 3925295 SC;

CAMIRI: Héctor Sanchez Caballero
1535742 SC, Luz Roxana Suárez Alvarado 3482582 LP, Andrés Soleto Rocha 3879004 SC, Alexis Javier Soliz Tejerina 7856573 SC;

EL ALTO: Miky Gonzales Oliva 3370428 LP, René Chino Laguna 2450618 LP, Osvaldo Quisbert Chávez 2681426 LP;

LA PAZ: Tatiana Guarayo Melgar 3367293, Lily Escobar Herrera 4951665 LP, Guillermo Mendoza Avilés 2299559 LP, Jorge Kafka Zuñiga 2467137 LP, José Luis Garay Gavincha 4824134 LP, Carla Godillo Vargas 3550538 Or, María Miranda Pardo
2720656 Or;

COCHABAMBA: Miguel Ángel Orellana Medrano 3768047 Cbba, Shirley Ortiz Torrico 3772028 Cbba, Hernán Rico Guzmán 2887482 Cbba;

PANDO: Hugo Cambero Destre 1743442 Pdo., Jorge M. Becerra Monje 1685176 BN, Antonio Ayala Araúz 1748486, Edson Ortiz Céspedes 1931894 BN, Mauro Chávez Sanjinez
1686257 BN, Julio Gonzales Párraga 1706595 BN, Mario Siani Quiete 1926060 BN;

BENI: Javier Monje Santa Cruz 4199241 BN, Feliciano Rutani 1933768 BN, Nelson Hurtado P. 1904481 BN, Gerson Racua Male 7615118 BN;

TARIJA: Rolando Antonio Calvimontes Orias 1642039

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