Cochabamba prefect maintains silent over results of recall referendum

Cochabamba, Bolivia, August 10. ABN – The prefect of the department of Cochabamba, Manfred Reyes Villa, has not made a pronouncement in regards to exit polls results that indicate that his mandate has been revoked.

Reyes Villa has been revoked today with 60.1% of the votes against him, according to extra official results.

Reyes Villa did not exercise his right to vote; nevertheless, he invited the population to vote throughout the day in order to comply with their constitutional responsibility.

The coca growing peasant workers of the department of Cochabamba have announced that they will not mobilise to the centre of Cochabamba to exercise pressure over Reyes Villa, given that he has to leave his position by order of the people.

Translated from ABN

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mario68 said...

Wether the prefects from La Paz and Cochabamba where revoked or not does not change anything in the vast spectrum of bolivian politics. Social and economic reform in the andean area will be implemented regardless. This referendum was a big waste of time and money and even though the above mentioned prefects did not play a substantial role in opposing the government we are back to where we where, Evo-Garcia Linera and the government against Costas and la media luna. Mario Romero.

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