Evo Morales is ratified with 62% of the vote, increasing his 2005 vote by 8%

La Paz August 10 (ABI) President Evo Morales was ratified with 62% of the vote in the referendum on his mandate today, increasing by 8% his vote in respect to the elections of December 18, 2005, when he obtained 53.7%

Based on 87% of the votes, the network ATB projected a vote of 62% in support of the ratification of president Morales and vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera along with 5 prefects, with 3 being revoked. Ratified are Ruben Costas from Santa Cruz, Ernesto Suarez from Beni, Mario Virreira from Potosí and Mario Cossio from Tarija. Revoked are the prefects of La Paz Luis Paredes, Manfred Reyes Villa of Cochabamba and still in doubt are the future of the prefects of Oruro, Luis Alberto Aguilar and Leopoldo Fernandez of Pando.

Against all the projections by analysts that assured that president Evo Morales would only repeat his vote from the 2005 referendum, polls indicate that the Bolivian head of state will increase his vote by at least 8%

Translated from ABI

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