In defense of democracy, life and the refoundation of Bolivia

Against hate and racism - For the Democratic and Cultural Revolution

The United Confederation of Unions of Campesino Workers of Bolivia (CSUTCB), the Union Confederation of Colonizers of Bolivia (CSCB), the National Federation of Campesino Women of Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa” (FNMCB-BS), the Indigenous Confederation of the Bolivian East (CIDOB), the National Confederation of Unionists and Small Merchants of Bolivia and national and departmental organizations, the Federation of Neighbourhood Councils of El Alto and La Paz, the United Departmental Federation of Campesino Workers of La Paz “Tupac Katari”, identified with SOVEREIGNTY, DIGNITY AND IDENTITY, in an empathic way EXPRESS:

1. We back the trial against the members of the Constitutional Tribunal, who emited the POLITICAL sentence and demand respect for the Political Constitution of the State and our laws.

2. We declare the stoppages of the Civic Committees of the oligarchy as a BRIBED POLITICAL stoppage to destabilse the government of the Democratic and Cultural Revolution, under the pretext of the issue of the capital and a democracy that avoids the processing of the magistrates, because they do not represent the people.

3. We reject and condemn the racist actions, full of hate and discrimination, carried out by minoritarian fascist groups from the Cruceñista Youth Union, which discriminate against women of the Bolivian pollera [indigenous dress] such as compañera Silvia Lazarte, damaging the dignity of the Bolivian people.

La Paz, August 24, 2007

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