Ven Foreign Minister "The people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian government will be there to support the Bolivians"

Caracas, August 25 (Hoybolivia) - The Venezuelan government pronounced itself against the [Bolivian] oligarchy and imperialism and announced that they would defend Evo Morales from any “lashing” by the right.

Venezuela, via its Minister of Foreign Relations, Nicolas Maduro, guaranteed this Friday that the people and government of Bolivia would not be alone if a “lashing” by the “oligarchy or imperialism” was to occur against the process of change being driven forward by president Evo Morales.

“If the oligarchy or imperialism attempts some kind of lashing against the Bolivian people and president Morales, the government and people of Venezuela will be there by their side” he said to the press.

The Venezuelan government ratified its solidarity with the Bolivian people in front of the campaign waged by voices of the right in this South American country against the government of president Evo Morales, said Bolivarian News Agency.

“We ratified our complete solidarity to the Bolivian foreign minister, David Choquehuanca, the complete solidarity of the Bolivarian government and the Venezuelan people is with Bolivia”, express the Venezuelan foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro, after he was consulted over recent declarations by ex – right wing Bolivian president, Jorge Quiroga.

Quiroga recently made a number of statements against Venezuelan interference in Bolivia, once again demonstrating his opposition to the government of Evo Morales.

In this regard, Maduro insisted to Jorge Quiroga to “worry about this country and stop opinionating nonsense over the reality of a conscious, democratic and consolidated people such as the Venezuelan people”.

“This type of representative of the decadent oligarchy of South America, simply should try to revamp their discourse and stop playing the sad role of lackey of the US embassies in these brother countries”, said Maduro.

He warned personalities like Quiroga that if they thought of continuing with some kind of policy against the Bolivian people and president Evo Morales “the people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian government would be there to support the Bolivians”.

The reason for supporting Bolivia, insisted Maduro, was that “we are one single people, who are searching for a common destiny of development, social equality and participatory democracy”.

Translated from Hoy Bolivia

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