Evo Morales on Jon Stewart's Daily Show


the food inspector said...

The interview was great. The only problem was that coca wasn't involved.

Where's the Coca?

Evo made us Bolivians Proud for at least 8 minutes. Not including all the hype before he even went on. Well at least for my familly.

Viva Bolivia!

Anonymous said...

As an American and supporter of Evo Morales, I found this to be a breaktrhough. The Daily Show is perhaps one of the most widely watched shows (that I know of) among college-aged youth. To have such an authentic person speak about politics in such a way will hopefully expose my generation to Evo Morales' politics, and more importantly, the harms of capitalism, the abuse of Indigenous peoples, and the history of U.S. involvement in Latin America.

Anonymous said...

As a Bolivian I would like to say that Evo is ruining our country and although it may seem he is trying to help the indeginous peoples of >Bolivia he is trying to establish himself as sole dictator of Bolivia led Mr. Chavez from Venezuela. He is dividing the nation, weakning the Bolivian economy by pushing out foreign investors. The indugenous people are gradually improving their lifes before the reign of Evo but now they are slowly beginning to suffer because they have bought into the lies of this communist administration. The vice president was formerly charged with terrorist acusations and he was entenced to prison. He also brags of learning to murder at a young age. If anyone is foolish enough tpo buy into the lies of the current administration they should not be allowed to create web sites like this without knowing both sides of the story.

Anonymous said...

I'm Bolivian and I'm very proud of Evo Morales, and I want to ask Mr "anonymous" How many sides are in Bolivia? There's only one: poverty.
20% of Bolivia has money and can consider them selfs "rich" the other 80% are poor AND poorest. Evo Morales is trying to give some equality making changes, that we won't see "right now" but our kids and grandkids will if more patriots like Evo Morales emerge and less people like you born.

indio said...

A fucking HEY to the daily show and John Steward for doing some journalism that the corporate media wouldn't dream to have the _balls_ to make!!!

its amazing to see a person like Evo Morales getting interviewed in a major US news outlet without forcing him into a "are you a communist"-type interrogation!!

Viva for not sucking up to the "Free Trade" propaganda!

Anonymous said...

As a bolivian living outside of my country, it is the first time I pay attention to what is going on in the politic arena in Bolivia. It is sad to see that we have so much selfish people. Like I read above just a few portion of Bolivia(the rich ones) are againts Evo. As It is time to change.
Pachamama save Evo Morales

Bolivia Rising