New police force will ensure compliance with “Agrarian Revolution”

La Paz, Sept 21 (Erbol). - The vice-minister of Citizen Security, Marcos Farfán reported this Friday that the new Specialized Force, which will be in charge of preventing conflicts over land tenure in the country will have the essential task of fulfilling the Agrarian Reform Policy undertaken by the Government of Evo Morales.

Farfán, talking to the press, said that they are still analyzing the operative plan of the new unit which will be composed of members of the National Police and possibly reinforced by members of the Armed Forces, when it is considered necessary.

The vice-minister indicated that the new Force will have the task of avoiding confrontations over land tenure and that it will guarantee legal protection for legally acquired properties, as well as the reversion of those estates that do not fulfill a Social Economic Function (FES).

"The recovery of idle land will be carried out through legal processes based on the Political Constitution of the State and the INRA Law, in order to later distribute them to the families in need" assured Farfán, who reiterated that the new unit's operative plan is still being analyzed.

The authority recognized that the objectives executed by the new institution will generate resistance amongst landowners but "we have high hopes that they will obediently comply with and respect the law and that in those cases where they respond violently to the application of the Law, the public force will act as required", he warned.

Translated from Erbol by Alan Forsberg

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