Bolivian social movements in Permanent Mobilization

Mario Hubert Garrido

Cochabamba, Bolivia, Aug 24 (Prensa Latina) The approval of a new Political Constitution stands as a key motivation for Bolivian popular sectors to be in permanent mobilization.

Farmers, indigenous peoples, women, miners, rural teachers, unions and community groups making up the National Coordination for Change (CONALCAM), urged President Evo Morales to call a referendum by decree.

A 48-hour meeting with Morales was closed with a Declaration that confirms the passing of a new Constitution as the only way to build a new Bolivia.

The document also calls for regional elections La Paz and Cochabamba, whose authorities were bounced from office by the August 10 recall vote.

CONALCAM also urged the government to redistribute the Direct Hydrocarbon Tax (IDH) which it claimed, "belongs to a historically-marginalized Indian majority".

CONALCAM also advocated for preserving national unity and consolidating the democratic and cultural Revolution started January 2006.

Isaac Avalos, president of the Farmer's Confederation of Bolivia (CSUTCB), said that Morales' victory in the recall vote divided the alleged Half Crescent block.

Avalos also urged to hold recall votes at all nine departments involving the representatives of the poorest sectors.

Hetor Tapia, leader of the Ponchos Rojos, a community group in La Paz, said the true goal of the conservative media is to discredit the social organizations and the country.

President Evo Morales highlighted the people's growing political awareness and support to the on going changes as it was proved in the August 10 referendum.

He added opposition measures of pressure like roadblocks, strikes and occupation of public institutions just increases popular support to the new period of changes.

The statesman voiced his confidence in the social sectors and called them to remain united as sole means to overcome the present challenges.

Morales added that if opposition extremist groups decide to close the oil and natural gas wells on Monday, as threatened, they will be repelled by the Armed Forces.

Republished from Prensa Latina

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