Forrest Hylton: The Morales government holds back on use of force against opponents

As the tensions between the Morales Government of Bolivia and autonomists continue, Forrest Hylton states that "the basic issue comes down to who is going to get the money from the exploitation of hydrocarbon resources, and these autonomists want to make sure that they get the money, and they're going to carry out their completely illegal agenda, regardless of whether Evo wants to dialog with them or not."

Forrest Hylton is the the author of Evil Hour in Colombia (Verso, 2006), and with Sinclair Thomson, co-author of Revolutionary Horizons: Past and Present in Bolivian Politics (Verso, 2007). He is a regular contributor to New Left Review and NACLA Report on the Americas.

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Hi - Very random question for you. I work for a foundation in San Francisco, and we have a donor who wants to give a small grant to a US based organization doing solidarity work in Bolivia. I found your blog while doing some research.

Do you know of any such organization? They have to be based in the US, so the groups in Canada and the UK would not work.

I know this is a completely random request, but if you have any thoughts, please email them to me at

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