Agreement between CONALCAM and COB

Agreement signed on September 17 by the organisations that make up the National Coalition for Change (indigenous, peasant, urban and social movements) and the Bolivian Workers Centre (COB). Present during the meeting were Evo Morales and a number of ministers and heads of state institutions.

Within the framework of the “Agreement for the defence of democracy, unity and integrity of the country” and in the face of the danger to the unity of the homeland we express and resolve to:

1. Defend the unity of the homeland that is being threatened and affected by the coup attempt of a civil-prefectural character lead by terrorists and fascists, who aim to destroy the unity of Bolivia in order to continue maintaining their privileges to the disadvantage of the disspossed class of our people.

2. Defend the democracy that cost the pain and blood of the workers and the people in general, a conquest which today is being threatened by terrorists and fascists that attack the institutionality and lives of Bolivians.

3. Support and defend this revolutionary process of change in search of equity, equality and social justice that is being led by our brother, president Evo Morales Ayma, in order to construct a new homeland with the approval of a new Political Constitution of the State.

4. Reject the fascist, neo-nazi like racism, hatred and attitute of the prefects and neoliberal leaders who, financed by the US embassy, contract paramilitary and fascist groups to beat, stone and kill our indigenous and peasant brothers.

5. Take over unproductive large landholding as well as their sources of production and factories that speculate with the hunger of the people.

6. Salute the revolutionary attitute of our president Evo Morales Ayma for the expulsion of the yankee imperialist ambassador from our lands, given that for the first time in Latin America such a decision has been taken which dignifies the people and our sovereignty.

7. Demand the trial and jailing of Leopoldo Fernandez for the crimes of terrorism and genocide.

Translated from ABI

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