Bolivia in recovery - 3 part interview with Federico Fuentes

Part 1 - Federico Fuentes returns to Caracas after two weeks in Bolivia assessing the situation there after the attempted right wing coup last month. Morales seems to have outmanouevred the ultra-right's attempts to unseat him and appears to have made his own position stronger, while his enemies are in disarray. He is so confident of his support in the popular social movements now that he is holding another referendum next month. Download here

Part 2 - In this section he talks about the new strengths of the Morales government, from the popular social organisations, and support from other Latin American nations. The US and the right are caught on the back foot. US influence in the region has been significantly weakened, with many regions refusing to accept US aid money. Download here

Part 3 - Federico Fuentes talks about renewed power to the people and the popular organisations, after the Morales government survived the crisis of last September. Bolivian society showing new openings and seeking new ways forward. Download here

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Anonymous said...

Fred's report is very encouraging. All around the world we are looking to Morales, Chavez and their movements for justice. God bless them, and protect them from the oligarchs, imperialists and their goons.

Bolivia Rising