Hugo Chavez on Bolivia: The Yes Vote Triumphed

Hugo Chavez, president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Caracas, Jan 27. The Yes vote triumphed in Bolivia. That is to say, the Bolivian people approved the new political Constitution of the State. I was fortunate to speak with comrade President Evo Morales the same night of the victory.

Evo achieved victory again; and he really deserves it. He has been a great leader; he has withstood all kind of aggressions and conspiracies promoted by the imperialist Bush government, which has used an unpatriotic bourgeoisie and a fascist right-wing movement as its tools.

The vote of the humble people, the indigenous people, and the people excluded for 500 years, prevailed.

However, it is necessary to say that this victory goes beyond Bolivia to enter the historical process described by comrade Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa as a change of time.

In my opinion, this process carries in its backbone a deep social revolution, powerfully expressed in the fields of politics and laws.

This is how a new constitutional doctrine has been emerging in South America, a doctrine based on the original constituent power of our people.

In Venezuela, as we know, once the constituent power was activated, it approved our advanced Bolivarian Constitution on December 15th, 1999, almost ten years ago, thus starting the refoundation of the Republic and the Simon Bolivar National Project and the transition towards socialism.

Today, after all kind of events marking the first ten years of the revolution, it is imperative to assure the continuity of the Bolivarian democratic process, thus projecting it with greater strength towards the second and third decades of this century and avoiding at all costs any risk of going back to the past, which will be really catastrophic to the Homeland.

Therefore, readers, country fellow women and men, the proposal of the Constitutional Amendment’s only objective is to further empower the people when electing and removing governments.

There is no the slightest doubt that the offensive of our forces has won an increasingly quick, accurate pace all around the country.

I want to congratulate you and encourage you to intensify all our efforts since this battle is not easy at all.

Let’s beware of boastfulness! Let’s not lower our guard a single second! The Phase of Deployment has started for us. And I want to insist on the main objective of this fourth phase: Let’s assure the materialization of the vote! Taking abstention in our ranks to the lowest is vital to achieve victory, a big victory! Comrades: we always think we are going to win, and this is a good sign of what Bolivar called “the will to defeat.” But we also have to recall that we have not always won. We already lost the 2007 referendum and we forfeited the chance. Nearly 3 million of our voters simply did not take up the call to vote.

Let’s take it up now! And this is one of the greatest challenges of our vanguard, machinery and movements.

In order to overcome this challenge, we must deploy crystal clear information campaigns, with pedagogy, accuracy and perseverance through all the possible means. Bolivar would say: “the most powerful artillery of thought, of ideas.”

For instance, there are still people who may be confused regarding the impacts of the amendment, especially because of the great disinformation and psychological war campaign launched by the commandos of the Pact of Puerto Rico.

Let’s make it clear: It is not about electing “Chávez (or anybody else) for life” on February 15th as the opposition still says. It is just about approving the possibility for those who have been in charge of the posts of president, governors, mayors or congresspeople to be proposed as candidates in the next elections.

Later, if approved, you will vote to elect according to your preferences.

It is that simple! Let’s go then, patrols and Committees for the Yes vote, and intensify the offensive, with spirit, joy and passion for the Homeland…

Let’s repeat the battle cry of Ayacucho, the liberating heroic deed commanded by the Mariscal de America (Marshall of America) Antonio Jose de Sucre: Carry on with the pace of victors!.

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