Bolivia in Transition

In January 2009, Bolivians held a national Referendum to approve a peoples constitution under Evo Morales. The country, historically polarized by the strength of the wealthy landowners and the struggles of the indigenous masses, suffered vicious opposition to the proposed changes. In this documentary, the impact of the new Constitution is shown through two very different realities; one of courage, the courage to bring about change vs. the culture of fear. Interviews with people from all sectors of society sheds light on the contrasts of opinion and, finally, demonstrates Bolivia's transformation towards a more dignified and just society. Witness a nation write their own history as its people rediscover their identity.

Bolivia under Evo Morales, has demonstrated to the world that courage can overcome the culture of fear. That people united under the banner of fraternity, peace and justice can never be defeated; Bolivias new constitution is the result of that victory.

Part I

Part II

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