Bolivian VP: US veto on arms purchases exposes lie that US wants to fight drug trafficking

La Paz, Aug 12 (PL) - The Bolivian government announced that it would buy armament and aircrafts from China, Russia or any other country, to protect its borders and fight drug trafficking.

This stance answers to the US veto to the Bolivian intention of buying Czech aircrafts and Bell-UH helicopters, Vice president Alvaro Garcia confirmed.

According to the authority, they would use State money for those buys, differently from the situation decades ago, because it does not need to beg on any condition to use money for its expenses.

Interviewed by the press, Garcia asserted that Washington finds unpleasant that the Andean nation becomes stronger, with its own resources, thus it vetoed that Bolivia bought ALCA aircrafts and US Bell-UH helicopters from the Czech Republic.

"If we do not get US military technology, we will get it from Russia or China. I guarantee that we will have modern aircrafts to protect our borders and fight drug trafficking," he remarked.

Garcia Linera said the fact that Barack Obama's administration prevents Czech or US companies from selling aircrafts to Bolivia shows that as a matter of fact, it has no intention to fight drug trafficking, because the aircrafts would be used to intercept or bring down planes carrying drugs.

"Those times of servility are over now," he said, and stated that the current times are for showing dignity.

He ratified that the Executive's willingness is to renew the military equipment moderately, and it would see which country, among Russia, China, India or Germany, would offer to sell it, because Bolivia has the necessary funds to do it.

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Felipe Stuart said...

Bolivia now proudly asserts its multi-ethnic and indigenous state character.

So this makes all the sense of imperial logic.

In Washington eyes this cabal of Indios shall have to make do with bows and arrows and spears to defend their country and lands, and to fight the U.S.-Colombia-Mexico based narco-bourgeoisie.

Felipe Stuart

Bolivia Rising