Resounding Victory for Evo

Granma, December 7

LA PAZ, December 6 — "Today Bolivia has once again shown its democracy, and that change is possible," declared the president elect, Evo Morales, from the Movement to Socialism Party (MAS). He was confirmed in that position with resounding popular support, gaining more than 63% of the votes.

In his address, from the seat of government in the Plaza Muillo in front of thousands of emotional supporters, Morales emphasised that the Bolivian triumph basically constitutes an acknowledgement of the anti-imperialist governments and nations, and was grateful for this opportunity to continue working for equality and the unity of Bolivia.

The leader, who will be as president for the period 2010-2015 on January 22, together with his vice-president, Álvaro García Linera, promised to accelerate the social changes that are taking place in the country, with a possible majority in the upper house of 25 of the 36 senators, according to exit polls.

There was a massive turnout for the elections, with a reported 140,000 votes from abroad. This was the first election under the new constitution promoted by Evo, which declared Bolivia a pluri-national state.

Morales also called on the opposition to work together for Bolivia, in a government that "Comes from the people, for the people."

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