Bolivia: Morales calls Colombia “United States Colony”

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, said that the United States uses Colombia to generate conflicts and to attempt to destroy progress in the region.

In turn, Morales questioned the outgoing government of Colombia about their promotion of destabilization in Central and South America.

He said that the installation of U.S. military bases in Colombia is intended to “provoke confrontation and war with neighboring countries such as Venezuela, Colombia and Nicaragua.”

The president said Colombia functions as a “U.S. colony.” He noted that the “lackeys of imperialism lead neighboring countries to avoid any appearance or further advanced the revolutionary processes.”

In addition, Morales said of the Uribe administration that “the people of Colombia will not play the role of Israel in the Middle East.”

In this regard, Morales stated that “in the international community there is a very serious problem.”

He said the U.S. “has its colony in the Middle East and that is Israel.” And said that Israel, “receives the greatest economic and military support to dominate revolutionary and anti-imperialist countries, like Iran.”

He stated that the government of Colombia is the “true representative of the U.S. government” in South America.
Morales made the remarks as the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, broke diplomatic relations with Colombia.

Story courtesy of Agencia Pulsar, a news agency run by AMARC-ALC network of community radios

Republished from The Argentina Independent

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jeffmapped said...

for anyone interested in learning more about the similarities in how these ´colonies´ may operate i would stronlgy recommend noam chomsky´s new book ´hopes and prospects´, just released which compares U.S. imperialism in Latin America and the Middle East.

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