WikiLeaks reveals extent of 'US spying:' Bolivia

CANCUN: Leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales said Thursday that WikiLeaks had revealed the extent of "US spying" on the Andean nation and he did not regret expelling the US ambassador two years ago.

"We realize what US spying has been, before US President Barack Obama, after Obama... it confirms what we had strongly denounced," Morales told a news conference at a UN climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.

"I don't regret having expelled the ambassador of the United States. From that moment, there have been no coup attempts."

Morales kicked out US Ambassador Philip Goldberg in September 2008, accusing him of conspiring against his government.

Shortly afterward, the Bolivian leader also expelled the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Morales also said that regional relations were unharmed despite secret US diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks showing the United States had sought cooperation from Bolivia's neighbors, such as Brazil and Argentina.

"It won't bring any confrontation between (regional) presidents," Morales said.

Washington has been critical of Bolivia's foreign policy alignment with Cuba and Venezuela, and its overtures to Iran, as well as its coca leaf cultivation for traditional and medicinal uses.

Bolivia last week denied it had agreed to allow Iran to exploit its uranium deposits, as shown by some of leaked memos.

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