Bolivia to strengthen ties with Peru's new government

Xinhua, June 8 - Bolivia pledged on Tuesday to strengthen relations with the new government of Peruvian President-elect Ollanta Humala who will take office on July 28.

The Bolivian Foreign Ministry issued a statement to congratulate Peru on its democratic electoral process and said the two countries are experiencing one of "the best moments in the bilateral relations.

"The triumph of Ollanta Humala will contribute significantly to strengthening the bilateral relations, considering that both countries are united by historical ties of brotherhood and cooperation," the statement said.

The ministry also mentioned the advances in bilateral relations in the past decades, especially the Bolivian-Peruvian Presidential Meeting held in Ilo city last year, which allowed Bolivia to continue to use Peru's Ilo Port for 99 years.

Bolivian President Evo Morales has on many occasions expressed his sympathy for Humala. Political analysts say as Humala shares Bolivia's political ideology, Morales hopes that the new Peruvian government will be sympathetic to Bolivia's demand against Chile for getting a sea outlet, which was taken by Chile in 1882.

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