Geopolitics of the Amazon: A defence of Bolivia’s development strategy

Climate and Capitalism is pleased to announce publication of a full English translation of Geopolitics of the Amazon: Landlord Hereditary Power and Capitalist Accumulation, by Álvaro García Linera, vice-president of Bolivia and one of Latin America’s leading Marxist intellectuals.
This important book-length essay, published in Spanish in September 2012, explains how Bolivia is attempting to address the need for both economic development and environmental protection.
In particular, it responds to criticisms from left critics who have attacked the Morales government for what they call ‘extractivism,’ and examines the real issues in the debate over plans to complete a highway in the TIPNIS region.
The text was translated by Richard Fidler, who also provides an introduction, a glossary, and explanatory notes.
To encourage the widest possible distribution, we are publishing it as a PDF pamphlet, under a Creative Commons license: it may be freely reproduced and distributed, but not changed, incorporated in any other work, or used for commercial purposes.
It is available for printing in either American (8½x11) or Metric (A4) page sizes.
Download PDF (1.7 Mb)—
The serial online publication of a translation of Geopolitics of the Amazon, by Bolivian V-P Álvaro García Linera, is also available. The respective posts, aligned with his chapter headings, can be found here on Bolivia Rising:
    Revolution and counterrevolution
    The Amazon and patrimonial despotic power
    Capitalist subsumption of the Amazon indigenous economy
    The Territorio Indígena Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS)
    Plurinational State and dismantling of the Business-Patrimonial power
    The historic demand for construction of a road to unite the Amazon valleys and plains
    IIRSA: The farce of empty chatter
    Characteristics of the Villa Tunari-San Ignacio de Moxos highway
    Colonialist fallacies
    Who has the power in the Amazon?
    Once again on so-called "extractivism"

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